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Pearson Consultancy specialise in providing advice and support to third sector organisations.  


These organisations can seem confusing and complex to set up and keep up-to-date in an ever changing world.  With rigirous registration and funding issues, it can take time and seem a bit of a mine field to get started and many organisations don't get running.  This is where Pearson Consultancy aim to help, providing the advice, support and guidance required to get you up and running and then keep you up-to-date.


Stuart Pearson has been involved with charities and community groups since childhood, growing up a member of youth organisations and volunteering in the community before eventually starting work in the sector after finishing education and spending time in the private sector.


Working with both small and large organisastions, Stuart developed his own way of looking at how they ran and finding ways of making them "bigger and better".  Along the way he has taken some smaller community based organisations and grown them into more nationally recognised charities, mainly working towards making the lives of others better.


Pearson Consultancy believes that there is always a way to make something better, nothing ever becomes perfect, this is a journey through a world which is always changing, the needs change and organisations need to change in order to cater for this at the same time as maintaining the ethos which they were originally founded on.  Based on this, we provide a personalised service to each organisation we work with, looking at their individual aims and objectives and developing the startegy plans which are specific to them, not simply a generic template which is offered out to everyone.


Whether you are looking to set up a new organisation, develop your existing one or look at a smaller project (such as putting on an event), Pearson Consultancy can help you, get in touch to find out how.


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