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Setting up a new organisation can feel like a crazy mindfield with a lot more questions than answers:

  • what do I register as?
  • where is the funding coming from?
  • how do I apply for funding?
  • what is a constitution?
  • what policies do I need?
  • how do I get PVG checks done?
  • the list goes on and on...


Pearson Consultancy will work with you to answer these questions and help you get what you need for your organisation in place.  You know what you want you want your organisation to do, and we know how to get you doing that!


At Pearson Consultancy we will set a personlised strategy to get you up and running which is specific to your organisation, we don't mind doing the work to create different plans for different organisations rather than using set templates which aren't specific.

Once we have the information about your organisation, we can produce a constitution and write the policies which you need to get you up and ruuning, as well as helping you with your registration and getting your funding applications away.


We aim to make your life as easy as possible at the same time as making your organisation as successful as possible.


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